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Wine World Cup Wrapped Up

The World Cup is over and Spain now reign supreme as masters of the soccer universe. But equally importantly, many congratulations to Richard Taylor who won Berrys’ Wine World cup with ‘Team RT’! His reward for this great honour? A case of wine so fantastic that it inspired thousands of people (including our Chairman, Simon […]

A Madeiran adventure

Located nearly 500 miles west of Casablanca, basking in gentle Atlantic currents (not so gentle during the recent floods) Madeira is a small volcanic island, beloved of the so-called silver tourists and of course of those who appreciate the very finest of fine fortified wines. I, for a few more years at least,  fall only […]

Shiny things make everything better

Some have called it revolutionary and others have even gone so far as to say magical, but one thing is for sure the new iPad from Apple is perfect for navigating the new free Berrys’ Fine Wine App. Wine and technology geeks can tap into our vinous knowledge and the shiny iPad’s magical multi-touch screen […]

El Bulli; El Sexto Sentido

El Bulli was awarded its third Michelin star in 1997, and has ever since been fêted as the most original, most adventurous and most fabulous restaurant in the world, its owner Ferran Adrià (in us in the picture, further down) seen as the father of a style of cooking that has been imitated throughout the […]