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Marcarini’s Manuel Marchetti introduces his Barolo Brunate vineyard

I catch up with the ever cheerful Manuel Marchetti, winemaker and owner of the historical Poderi Marcarini, as he harvests his prized Nebbiolo vineyard of Brunate; a vineyard that first appeared on a Barolo label in the vintage of 1934, before the village of La Morra even received running water! Poderi Marcarini remains doggedly traditional […]

Berrys’ Barolo has arrived! Vittore Alessandria introduces a key ingredient: his Campasso vineyard…

I am pleased to say that Berrys’ Barolo, the 2008 vintage as made by the historic cantina Fratelli Alessandria, is now for sale on our website! A traditional yet ripe expression of Italy’s fine Nebbiolo wine, Berrys’ Barolo 2008 is a blend of two Verduno vineyards: Rocche dell’Olmo and Campasso, aged in large slavonian oak barrels […]

Harvesting 2012 Nebbiolo (and Croatina, Vespolina and Uva Rara!) at Antoniotti Odilio e Mattia, Bramaterra…

Wrapping up this week’s Nebbiolo harvest reports 2012 is this from Antoniotti Odilio e Mattia in Bramaterra, Alto Piemonte. Here the terroir is very different to that of the Langhe, 90 mins drive south: in the pre-Alps, surrounded by thick forest, on predominantly volcanic, acid soils, the zone of Bramaterra (along with Gattinara and Boca nearby) […]

Nebbiolo Harvest 2012 at Casina Bric 460 – Interview with Gianluca Viberti

Another new face on Berrys’ Barolo books is that of Gianluca Viberti, a Nebbiolo winemaker with 22 years of experience at his family’s cantina (Giovanni Viberti) and now since 2010 at his very own: Casina Bric 460; so named after the altitude at which the property lies, with ‘Casina Bric’ meaning ‘the high farmstead’ in Piemontese […]