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Aglianico del Vulture trembles with new eruptions…

Italian Buyer David Berry Green reports from the vineyards surrounding the Monte Vulture volcano, and finds the political temperature is rising amongst the producers. Basilicata’s mountain vineyard, the brooding volcanic Monte Vulture, surrounded by one thousand hectares of noble Aglianico vine, threatens to ‘erupt’ anew, despite having lain dormant for 300,000 years. I’m just back […]

Italian Vintage 2013 reports from Piedmont, Tuscany & Sicilia

As I write, the larger Langhe estates are still feverishly gathering up the last of the Nebbiolo harvest, the still-warm sun lighting up the stunning autumn colours. Harking back to the years before global warming started to make its presence felt, ie pre 1995, the 2013 Langhe Nebbiolo harvest has been reassuringly late. It all […]

On the trail of the Roero Barbera as it’s vinified by the ‘London Cru’ urban winery in SW6

By a happy coincidence, I found myself in the capital on the day that London Cru’s Barbera arrived at their West Brompton winery in Seagrave Road. It was great to catch up with winemaker Gavin Monery (@Ldncru), and to check up on the Barbera. The fruit, last seen hanging on the vines near Priocca in […]

The ‘London Cru’ winery comes to the Langhe (well, actually the Roero!) in search of Barbera…

They flew in with the big storm that hit Milan last night. They came not in search of truffles (it’s still too early folks) but of Barbera. They brought the sun too. Berry Bros.’ customer Will Tomlinson (@TEWRR) and his winemaker Gavin Monery – the men behind London’s first winery, the recently opened ‘London Cru’ (, […]