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Introducing the Cirò wines of Calabria, & Taurasi’s enigmatic Luigi Tecce…

Located in Italy’s toe, Calabria presents a very different landscape to that of Puglia’s stilettoed heel. Different not just geologically but also in the way their society appears to be woven together. The net effect has obviously influenced the character and quality of their wines. In November last year I ventured south, in search of the […]

Puglia, where the future looks ‘rosato’

Spurred on by an impressive display of Italian wines made from autochthonous southern grapes at the June’s event ‘Radici del Sud’, as covered in my blog, I took to the road last week to explore the vineyards of Puglia, stretched out across the ‘heel’ among the olive groves, in an attempt to find out where […]

It just goes to show that it’s never too late to discover Nebbiolo!

The following blog is written by Robert Cecil, former (now retired) colleague at Berry Bros. & Rudd and fine wine aficionado (mostly Bordeaux), whom I invited out to the Langhe to show him what was happening; it was his first visit to the region and we visited Giovanni Rosso, Mario Fontana, Manuel Marinacci and Cantina […]

Grande! Barolo’s Chiara Boschis puts the botte back into E.Pira …

Who says there isn’t a return to tradition in Italian fine wine production? Thirty years after buying the historical Barolo estate of E.Pira, Chiara has just taken delivery of the first of three 20 hl botte grande! And as she’s keen to point out that this is not a marketing ruse concocted by a modern […]