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Could prized Barolo vineyard, Le Rocche dell’Annunziata, be ‘Vigna Grande’ (Grand Cru) material?

Piedmont’s recently introduced ‘sub zone’ classification system means that individual vineyards can be highlighted to promote greater understanding of a wine’s terroir. David Berry Green pits 13 Barolos, from the same vineyard, against one another to try and discern a typical character – and to rate their quality. The release of the 2010 Barolo vintage […]

Lightweight wines and heavyweight oxen go head to head in Piedmont

Forget mince pies and mulled wine. In the Piedmontese town of Carrù, ’tis the season for berry-bright Dolcetto and tripe, finds David Berry Green What’s the link between an overweight ox, il bue grasso, celebrated annually by the Piedmontese town of Carrù, and the slender (dare I say lightweight?) Dolcetto wine made by our newest […]

Italian vintage 2013 reports from Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Puglia and Piedmont

The following reports are provided by Saverio Petrilli (Tenuta di Valgiano), Giovannella Fugazza (Castello di Luzzano), Paolo Benegiamo (L’Astore Masseria) and Nicola Oberto (Trediberri). Saverio Petrilli, winemaker at the Lucchesi estate of Tenuta di Valgiano records that they experienced a difficult spring, due to it having rained from Oct ’12 until June ’13. “We thought […]

Italian Vintage 2013 reports from the Marche, Calabria, Tuscany and Liguria

The following reports are provided by Aldo Cifola (La Monacesca), Sergio Arcuri, Loredana Tanganelli (Scopetone) and Mirco Mastroianni (Massaretti). First up, Aldo Cifola, winemaker/owner at the La Monacesca estate, recounts how his Verdicchio di Matelica fared: “Summer 2013 was complicated due to the repetitive rain showers in June and July, let alone the unprecedented eight […]