A cocktail for New Year


A bottle of sparkling wine is being poured into a Champagne flute to create a warming, ginger and gin cocktail

This sophisticated and uplifting concoction is dubbed a Christmas Three – but we think it would work perfectly to see in the New Year.

It’s a combination of our four-time award winning No.3 gin, sparkling wine and warming ginger. And, it’s as simple to make as it is delicious to drink. You can easily scale this recipe up if you’re catering for a larger group.


30ml No.3 London Dry Gin
15ml ginger cordial
100ml Sparkling Wine (try our Own Selection Crémant)
Garnish: orange twist


Add a 30ml measure of No.3 Gin and into a mixing glass along with the ginger cordial. Stir over ice and into a Champagne flute. Now top up with sparkling wine. Gently squeeze your slice of orange zest over the glass to release some beautiful smelling oils, then drop it into the glass to garnish.

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