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Adventures in your garden: Mexico

This summer, we’re taking you on a tour of some of our favourite wine and spirits regions via their cultural riches. Here, Alexandra Gray de Walden introduces you to the colourful magic of Mexico. As the opening bars of Carlos Santana’s “Corazón Espinado” flow across the breeze and a cooling gush of Tequila and tonic […]

London to Lima and back again

British Army Captain-turned-distiller Alex James traces his journey from the UK to Peru and back. In his own words, he tells the story of how he transformed London to Lima from accidental-moonshine-in-a-laundry-room to a bona fide business. FROM LONDON TO LIMA Alex and his wife, Karena, moved to Peru in search of a new adventure […]

Cocktails fit for a king

We celebrated our 325th anniversary this year. For over one-third of that time, we’ve produced iterations of what’s now known as The King’s Ginger: our famed ginger liqueur. Fiery, warming and spiced, it’s an excellent choice for winter – and, as we find below, it’s also versatile enough to work well in a variety of […]

Starting from Scratch: the birth of British rum

Rural Hertfordshire is not exactly the rum capital of the world, but that hasn’t stopped Doug Miller. Here, the founder-distiller at Scratch Distillery shares his story. “You want to make rum – in Britain?” The steely-eyed tax inspector glanced up from my distillery business plan. “We’ve never had a rum application before. Is it made […]