On the pour: Lunedi Rosato


Each month, we highlight one of the wines available to taste in our London Shop. Here, Joshua Friend waxes lyrical about a modish rosé from Campania that’s new to our range

2018 Lunedi, Primitivo, Rosato, Vigneti Tardis, Campania, Italy

What is it? I first tasted the Vigneti Tardis wines back in June, soon after they’d arrived, and they left a serious impression. Jack Lewens, sommelier and co-owner at Leroy, is the main man behind this Campania winery – but it’s also backed by a handful of London’s hottest chefs and sommeliers. Each bottling is named after a day of the week, and bears the image of the associated god. This, their “Lunedi” (Monday) rosé therefore has an image of Diana, the goddess of the hunt. (As it happens, the labels have been designed by Kate Boxer, who did our limited-edition Good Ordinary Claret last year). Made with Primitivo (the Italian name for Zinfandel), this rosé is wildly delicious.

Why’s it different? The wines are made with as little intervention as possible – so native yeasts and minimal additions, with just a small amount of sulphur at bottling. For the rosé, there’s also a slightly unusual approach in the winery: the Primitivo grapes are pressed, but then – intriguingly – spend time macerating on the skins of Fiano grapes, adding aromatic intensity. The resulting wine is complex – with layers of strawberry, raspberry and watermelon, and a slight rose-syrup texture.

What should I eat it with? Don’t limit it to Mondays, this will work any day of the week. This wine would be cracking for a picnic, paired with charcuterie and cheese, or maybe a classic top-quality pizza Margherita.

How much? £1 for a taste, £19.50 for a bottle

Drop into our London Shop at 63 Pall Mall to try it yourself, or buy it online here