What to drink in 2015: Champagne


Photograph: Jason Lowe

Photograph: Jason Lowe

In the most recent instalment in our series on the vintages to enjoy this year, Edwin Dublin – Champagne Specialist and Assistant Manager of our London Shop – takes a look at the Champagnes that are shining now.

Champagne has a heady number of styles to enjoy in 2015. Growers are still pushing the envelope, often using sustainable vineyard practices, with imaginative terroir-driven wines. Dare I say that Valentine’s is close? Rosé is traditional but why not splash out on vintage rosé, which is also a great food wine. Speaking of vintage generally, there are youthful examples such as soft, fresh 2006 or the crisper 2007s, whilst the 2004s are just getting better and better. The 2002 vintage has lived up to expectations and while it is drinking impressively now, the best will last for decades. Majestic complexity can be found in the mature 1990s, 1996s and 1998s. The only conundrum in 2015 is which to try first.

Read more about which bottles to uncork over the coming months: we have looked at Bordeaux, Burgundy, Port, the Rhône, Italy, Alsace, Austria and Germany. Next week heralds the end of our series on what to drink in 2015 with a piece on Spain.