What to drink in 2015: Burgundy



In part two of our series on which bottles to uncork in the coming year, our Cellar Plan Manager Tom Cave examines the Burgundy vintages reaching their peak

White Burgundy

It’s generally felt that only a few wines from vintages that predate 2002 will be holding up, of those since the 2003s are fully ripe and best enjoyed soon to avoid them going ‘over’ – that’s if they haven’t been drunk already. Whites from 2004, of an adequate mark, are mainly showing very well.  The wines from 2005 have a serious weight to them and need air, but should be opened and assessed. By contrast the 2006s are more regular and are absolutely super now.  Whites from the 2007 vintage have a firm core which – at the higher quality end – should ensure further ageing, while the high acidity of the 2008s is starting to yield.  Wines from 2009 continue to offer real pleasure – lovely, ample, and juicy wines which are approachable now. The 2010s are perhaps a little dumb currently, while 2011s are – in many cases – showing real charm and are more than worth a look now. Hold on to the 2012s for now.

Red Burgundy

Some 1999s are still awkward and closed, though many are open for business, while 2000 and 2001 are a sheer joy. The 2002 wines are yielding now, and the 2003s from top growers who knew how to cope with the weather are providing some fine bottles. Those from 2004 continue to show a crisp edge, and are generally best to keep going with – they shan’t last much longer. The 2005s are in a shy stage but there’s no denying they are a vintage apart and will prove superb, just don’t touch them yet. The wines from 2006 are starting to emerge, while 2007s continue to offer very fine drinking and were never designed for the long term. The reds from 2008 need more time, as do all but the more modest 2009s. Likewise hold off on wines from 2010, 2011 and 2012, although some of the 2011s will be ready next year.

Burgundy 2013: En Primeur, our annual Burgundy offering, launched yesterday.

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