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Pasqua and the great Kinder Surprise

Week four of wine adventures in Piedmont The only crunch the Ferrero chocolate factory in Alba can surely have endured came as a result of the pre-Pasqua surge for its Kinder eggs, a fine selection of which were on display at the altar on Easter Sunday. Whoever said the Church is out of touch should […]

Nel vigneti (among the vines)

Week three of wine adventures in Piedmont Bright sun and a warming breeze was all the encouragement a fair-weather lackey  needed to swap the pen for the secateurs. Alas it wasn’t to be. All togged up in my choicest gear, complete with hiking boots, the boss/il capo effectively left me on the bench as I watched […]

Noble Nebbiolo

Recently returned from their trip to Piedmont, intrepid reporters, Joss Fowler, Chris Pollington and David Jones, update us on their findings. Read their reports: Joss Fowler’s report To say that my trip to Piedmont was a revelation might be taking things a little far, though to say that my eyes have been opened, and that […]

‘E proprio cosi’ (‘It’s really like that’)

Week two of wine adventures in Piedmont  After what was, let’s be honest, a shaky start, I had a hunch things were about to change for the better when I received that call from Davide Rosso (my adopted fratello) as I made my way ‘home’ after a weekend in England. It was approaching midnight and I […]