Introducing: Buyers’ highlights


A cartoon by Pugh showing a member of Berry Bros. & Rudd staff holding up a glass of bubbles
Illustration by Pugh
Picture the scene: you’re in a restaurant and the wine waiter hands over the list. It’s the size of War and Peace: do you a) dance an inward jig of delight, and settle back to peruse what’s available, or b) after a cursory glance, turn to the sommelier for advice? Sometimes, too much choice is just – well – too much. And it’s why we’ve brought together a shortlist of our favourite wines in our Buyers’ highlights. Mark Pardoe MW tells us more.

We know that the world of wine can be complicated. Our website has a huge amount of wines on offer, and the choice can be overwhelming. It’s one of the reasons why our Own Selection range is so popular.

But we have so many more wonderful wines to show you. This is why we’ve cherry-picked a selection of bottles within our range of wines under £50, called Buyers’ highlights. It will hold about 100 wines at any one time. In the selection, you will find an example of pretty much every wine style you could want. The highlights are across a range of prices and organised by colour and style.

The wines that are featured are not necessarily any better than other wines on, but they are really good examples of their style and type. We’ve done the work to make your choice easier. If you want to look at all our other options, of course, they are all only a click away. But we know sometimes our customers just want to keep it simple.

Everything in our Buyers’ highlights is available by the bottle and is ready to drink now – although all good wines are able to develop a little. As a wine runs out, or we choose to replace a line, the selection will change. This means there will always be something new to try.

And if you still can’t make up your mind, we’ve put together a seasonal Buyers’ highlights mixed case. This 12-bottle selection includes some real gems (like Benjamin Leroux’s textbook Bourgogne Rouge). As a little extra incentive, it includes a small discount on the individual bottle prices.

You can browse the full list of Buyers’ highlights here.