On the pour: Baby Bush Mourvèdre


Each month we shine a light on one of the bottles in the wine-tasting machines in our London Shop. This month, we’re looking to the Southern Hemisphere for some much-needed sunshine, with Dean Hewitson’s Baby Bush Mourvèdre

2016 Hewitson Baby Bush Mourvèdre, Barossa Valley, Australia

What is it? The ebullient Barossa winemaker Dean Hewitson farms the world’s oldest Mourvèdre vines (planted in 1853); understandably the resulting wine, his Old Garden Mourvèdre, commands a certain premium. His Baby Bush vineyard, however, is – as its name implies – grown from cuttings of those remarkable pre-phylloxera bush vines, offering the same remarkable vine DNA, combined with the vibrancy of youth.

Why’s it different? Mourvèdre isn’t necessarily anyone’s go-to grape; but, tasting this, it really should be. Its distinctive savoury edge – herbal and earthy – is balanced by deliciously ripe bramble fruit. Plush and velveteen, with plenty of acidity to offset that Barossa sunshine, this is bold and beautiful.

What should I eat with it? Grill a steak, or we’d be tempted to order a pizza – it’ll stand up to some more substantial toppings. If you’re feeling fancy (Sunday lunch, maybe?), this herb and pepper-crusted rib of beef would do nicely.

How much? £1 for a taste, £19.50 for a bottle

Drop into our London Shop at 63 Pall Mall to taste it for yourself.