Month: February, 2012

Valentine’s Rhymes

It’s Valentine’s Day, and rather than bombard you with pink Champagne choices, I asked Berrys’ staff to get in touch with their softer side and write a poem confessing their love… for wine! When I was asked to pen on my favourite wine, I thought, ‘this is mad! All are favourites of mine!” Whether Chablis […]

News from the Big Chill…

No, not from Wembley – ‘new manager please! (same result)’ – but more importantly here’s an update on new arrivals and what you can look forward to in 2012 from snowy Italia… Fresh off the bench this spring (!) come a pair of sunny, but measured Sardinians as made by Adele and Maurizio at the […]

Culinary magic and literary conundrums in Japan

During a happy week in Japan I was able to acclimatise myself for the subsequent freezing conditions back in the UK. I missed the snow which fell in Tokyo while I was enjoying dinners in Hiroshima and Fukuoka, several stops down the bullet train line to the southwest, but the clear, crisp, weather conditions made […]

Choosing the blend for our Good Ordinary Selection

I have just returned from a couple of days in Bordeaux with the aim of getting the initial thoughts on the much-awaited 2011 Bordeaux campaign, but mostly to decide on the blend for our next vintage of Good Ordinary Claret (GOC as it is known internally) and Good Ordinary White. My role as a fine […]