Valentine’s Rhymes


It’s Valentine’s Day, and rather than bombard you with pink Champagne choices, I asked Berrys’ staff to get in touch with their softer side and write a poem confessing their love… for wine!

When I was asked to pen on my favourite wine,
I thought, ‘this is mad! All are favourites of mine!”

Whether Chablis or Claret, dry Riesling or Sherry,
Any nectar from grapes will make me quite merry,

When it comes to tradition, they say I’m quite deft,
Decanting with grace; passing Port to the left,

But actually readers, now I come to think,
I daresay there’s one that’s my favourite drink,

A supreme, sublime indication of class,
You’ll never find me without this in my glass,

Blue Nun is its name! It’ll never get tired,
It’s… hang about readers, I’ve just been fired.
-Steffan Griffiths, Berrys’ Marketing


Now there is a wine that for me stood out from the rest,
It was matched with a perfectly cooked smoked Duck breast,

They tasted great together; a match made in heaven,
I didn’t give it ten out of ten – more like an eleven!

A mouth feel of Bramley ripe fruit and spice on the palate,
Felt like hitting your tongue with a chocolate-game mallet,

This is a great wine with balance and length there’s no dispute,
So to Jean Grivot’s 2001 Nuits St Georges, I stand and salute!
-Emma Brown, Berrys’ Marketing


A romantic night in,
With my handsome beau,
Is still not as good,
As a tasty Meursault,
Though sometimes I favour,
A red from Bordeaux,
Even Château Margaux,
Straight from the glass,
Or decanter they flow,
Each one of these wines,
Leaves me aglow.
– Sophie Nicoll, Berrys’ Marketing


Snotty wine waiters in cafés,
Make you wish that you’d ordered a latté,
“The Chablis looks good,
Does it go with the pud?”
“Oh no sir – your palate’s quite passé.”
-Alun Griffiths MW, Wine Buying Director


Vanilla Pink Pigeon
You are my religion
With ginger and lime
You’re oh so divine.
– Georgia Gibson-Ford, PR intern


Now listen here Claret,
Got a bone to pick with you,
I’ve spent all of my money
On Ducru-Beaucaillou.

My bank account weeps,
When I pull out my card,
It knows that it’s crying
For my Château la Garde.

If the taxman comes round,
I’ll hide under the floor,
Obscured by my magnums,
Of Château Latour.

The kids can’t go to uni,
There’s no money left,
All that Haut-Brion,
Has left me bereft.

Now everyone’s left me,
But I’ll never be alone,
Clutching my cases,
Of Château Ausone.
– Steffan Griffiths, Berrys’ Marketing


Alsace to Zindfandel,
Tropical fruit to that cat pee smell,
Napa to the Cotes du Blaye,
Dom P to Chateau Le Gay,
Chilterns chalk to the Rhines great slate,
There’s a hell of a lot that makes wine quite so great.

Marlborough to Oregon,
It’s all just Pinot, let’s have some fun!
Chablis’s a flinty beast,
NV Krug if you want some yeast.
Barolos hills, so soft, so hazy,
Acidity and tannin? Try Sangiovese

Gamay to Garganega
Fancy some Mouton? Or stick on that Vega?
Shiraz or Syrah? Do we really care?
When are glass is dry,empty and bare.
To all things vinous my cap I do doff,
Now, out of my way dudes, Big Si needs to quaff!
– Simon Staples, Fine Wine Director


It’s Valentine’s day,
That one day of the year,
Where every taken man,
Has something to fear.

Their expectant faces,
Their questioning looks,
You know you can’t do it,
With just CDs or books.

It must be a present,
With style and pazaaz,
The kind that their friends,
Will be yearning to have.

But here, my friends,
Is a brilliant solution,
To put off all fights,
And needs no elocution.

Just buy her this bottle,
It’s not a hard sell,
Seal your lover’s heart,
With ’07 Fonbel
– Alex Ross, Bin End Shop


As you can see, we’re a poetic bunch,
Don’t you think we deserve a long lunch?
It seems I cannot stop speaking in verse,
All this rhyming, I think, is a little perverse,
There’s nothing much left for me to say,
Except have a fantastically happy St Valentine’s Day.