Month: February, 2012

Food and Wine Matching Basics

Food and wine matching is something I’m passionate about and I think even the best wine knowledge is a bit limited if you don’t know which wine would best match your Monday night lamb casserole! As this is such a vast subject, and obviously quite subjective, I can only offer some guidelines; ultimately your personal […]

Alto Piemonte: The tasting. Another case of ‘modernists’ and ‘traditionalists’?

For this second blog on the region of the Alto Piemonte (Lessona, Bramaterra, Gattinara, Boca) I assessed 25 wines covering mostly vintages 2009 – 2004 from 12 producers: Cantine del Castello Conti (Boca), Antonio Vallana (Boca), Antoniolo (Gattinara), Antoniotti (Bramaterra), Sperino (Lessona),  Le Piane (Boca), Patriarca Franco (Gattinara), Travaglini (Gattinara), Tenuta Sella (Lessona), Nervi (Gattinara), […]