Red wine with fish? Surely not!


BBR Quench food+WineLatest research has shed light onto why some red wines do work with fish, dispelling the old adage of ‘white with fish’. Scientists in Japan have reported the first explanation which challenges this widely known rule of thumb for food and wine matching – a theory which we will be putting to the test in our first interactive Fine Wine & Fish tasting in our London cellars in a couple of weeks.

We’ll experiment with the idea that it is the iron content in red wine, rather than its colour, that causes the problem with fish. By testing a range of red and white wines from low and high iron-rich soils alongside a range of delicious fish and crustacea, we’re going to invite participants to be judge of whether this new thinking is brilliance or balderdash…and then we’ll send them home with a bottle of wine and invite them to experiment for themselves, reporting their findings here on this blog and on Twitter; a sort of homework, if you like!

There are still a few tickets available for the event (on 6th September in our London cellars), it would be great to see you there and have you take part in this experiment, which is a first of its kind for us at Berrys!