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Port: the Englishman’s wine

As we offer a very special Tawny Port to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday, we republish an article from the Autumn 1956 edition of our Number Three magazine focusing on this most English of wines. Port is probably the only drink to owe its character entirely to international co-operation. Even that other famous fortified wine, […]

History in the weighing

As we launch a competition offering you the chance to step onto the scales at No.3 St James’s Street and win your weight in wine, we republish an article from the Spring 1982 edition of our Number Three Magazine, recalling some of the more famous tales surrounding our rather esoteric tradition of weighing. Although the old wooden […]

Thespian royalty and rationing: the wine trade in 1945

In the autumn of 1990, Anthony Berry wrote an article for Number Three magazine looking back at the wine trade in 1945, struggling in the shadow of WWII, and recalling an unexpected encounter with two stars of the stage. When I came back to Number Three in November 1945 the wine trade was completely different from what it […]

From the inside: dangerous descriptions

This month we have delved into our archives for an article which was originally published in the autumn 1956 edition of our Number Three magazine, musing on the exotic – and sometimes lascivious – language employed by those describing wine. One of our many pleasant memories of evening spent with the Sainstbury Club* is of […]