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The Fine Wine Team Visit Piedmont

Piedmont is without doubt the most beautiful vineyard region I have ever seen. It combines the discreet valleys and small vineyards of Burgundy, with a stunning landscape reminiscent of the Douro’s striking slopes. Driving south from Turin you are greeted by the fertile plains of the Po Valley, which for millennia have been a cross […]

Berrys’ Barolo has arrived! Vittore Alessandria introduces a key ingredient: his Campasso vineyard…

I am pleased to say that Berrys’ Barolo, the 2008 vintage as made by the historic cantina Fratelli Alessandria, is now for sale on our website! A traditional yet ripe expression of Italy’s fine Nebbiolo wine, Berrys’ Barolo 2008 is a blend of two Verduno vineyards: Rocche dell’Olmo and Campasso, aged in large slavonian oak barrels […]

Nebbiolo Harvest 2012 at Casina Bric 460 – Interview with Gianluca Viberti

Another new face on Berrys’ Barolo books is that of Gianluca Viberti, a Nebbiolo winemaker with 22 years of experience at his family’s cantina (Giovanni Viberti) and now since 2010 at his very own: Casina Bric 460; so named after the altitude at which the property lies, with ‘Casina Bric’ meaning ‘the high farmstead’ in Piemontese […]

A History of Piedmont

Tuscany is often referred to as the Bordeaux of Italy. So Piedmont is surely comparative to Burgundy, at least according to the engaging personality of Chiara Boschis at E. Pira who says “we are all small artisan producers, rather like the Burgundians”. This view is further supported when you consider that production of the indigenous […]