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Say ‘Ciao!’ to Berrys’ new Chianti, plus the latest news on Italy’s 2011 vintage

Indeed it’s time to say ‘hi’ to  Berrys’ new Chianti, that  in the 2010 vintage comes to us courtesy of the fine Chianti Classico estate of Badia a Coltibuono. And to celebrate the occasion it’s even sporting a fresh new look; the crisp white label reflecting the bright vibrancy of the sapid Sangiovese fruit. Being […]

My Favourite Wine – Kate Janecek

One of the perks of working at Berry Bros. & Rudd is having the opportunity to learn about, and sometimes try, wines from all over the world. What’s so interesting about wine is that there are so many different styles that everyone can find one to suit their taste. Favourite wines are not just about […]

Tonto or not tonto?

The word ‘tonto’ in Spanish refers to someone who is stupid or foolish, and unfortunately in one’s adventures through wine it is inevitable that such ‘tonto’ wine producers will make appearances: winemakers who are more interested in selling wines in bulk as early as possible, sometimes even stopping or quickening the fermentation process in order […]

“Guarda il calor del Sol che si fa vino…” Introducing Valpolicella’s Monte dei Ragni estate…

“Look how the warmth of the sun makes wine” Dante Alighieri in his acclaimed 14th century  poem, The Divine Comedy, reminds us of nature’s ability to transform and elevate the humble grape into a work of art; turning water into wine. Far from being a ‘classicist’ – although I sense I have a taste for […]