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Buyers and Cellars

It’s been almost a year since Berrys’ Broking Exchange (BBX) was launched and it’s been a huge success, bringing a new dimension to buying and selling wine. We caught up with a couple of BBX users to find out their experiences of using the service.  For sellers, BBX is a platform they can use to […]

Serralunga’s Vigna Rionda vineyard comes home to Ester Rosso

Forty years after having to sell the prized vineyard to her uncle, Ester Rosso (nato Canale) is now once again able to walk among and work the very Nebbiolo vines she played between as a child. On page 218 in Slow Food’s ‘A Wine Atlas of the Langhe’ (2008 edition) is written: ‘If you ask […]

Let the games commence!

 Now we have all the cards on the table…let the games commence!   Ok so what do we know?   1. We LOVE  2010  Bordeaux (reds only really. The dry whites are a tad too puppy-fatty and the sweeties are just not that exciting, as general rule of thumb.) As a vintage 2010 is on […]

Helmut & Cornelius Dönnhoff visit Berrys to present their 2010 vintage

It was a priceless moment during the Dönnhoffs’ visit to Berrys, Basingstoke, on Wednesday last when legendary Riesling producer and father Helmut Dönnhoff recounted how he grew his family’s plot of Niederhauser Hermannshöhle, Nahe’s finest site, from just three rows (0.01 hectares) in 1971 to over four hectares today; 50% of the total vineyard. In […]