Provence rosé for rain or shine


Refreshing, bone-dry rosé is often associated with sunny al fresco feasts. But Victoria Bull from our Buying team believes a bottle of our Own Selection Provence Rosé is equally delicious huddled with a good friend under an umbrella. Below, she tells us more about why our rosé is one of her firm favourites – and why a little rain shouldn’t put anyone off reaching for the pinks.  

2022 Berry Bros. & Rudd Provence Rosé by Château la Mascaronne 

On an evening in July, I sat with an old friend, squeezed onto the corner of paving stone that I like to call my garden. We were having a long overdue catch-up, and gloriously awaiting us was a chilled, unopened bottle of our Own Selection Provence Rosé. A joyful evening of merriment ensued. Our conversation grew more fascinating, and our laughter ever louder, as the supply of rosé slowly dwindled.  

But it wasn’t long before the inevitable droplets of rain came. Small puddles formed in our bowls of homemade hummus, while the last shards of crisps slowly turned soggy. We persevered. “It will pass!” we cried. “We’re in England, after all. Oh look – there’s some rosé left.” Only when the rain was clearly falling persistently, and we were drying streams from our cheeks, did we think of finding shelter. Rosé is synonymous with sunny afternoons and glamorous al-fresco dining – but who needs sunshine? In my opinion, you appreciate a bottle of rosé more without it. 

But how does this rosé differ to any other one might pluck from the shelves? At face value, I can find rosé difficult to choose. Most Provence rosés, although pleasant and dry, are often – to put it frankly – too bland for me. You can find something lovely and fruity from regions such as Spain and the Loire, but you might encounter too much residual sugar – especially if you are aiming for a lower price-point. Or another scenario: you take the plunge and splash out on a fine rosé, only to find that someone else has drunk most of the bottle anyway.  

This Own Provence Rosé is the perfect solution. It is perfectly balanced. There is enough fresh fruit on the nose to offer instant appeal, while a textured mouthfeel and savoury note adds interesting complexity. The aromas of wild strawberries and fresh redcurrants are so inviting, complemented by a delicate twist of mandarin peel. There is a slightly herbal character on the palate, with notes of dry sage and oregano. Along with its clear acidity and pleasing mouthfeel, it is simply crying out to be tasted alongside a variety of dishes. I like to showcase this wine alongside food with a slight kick, such as a fresh Thai salad or guacamole. There is enough body to perfectly balance the squeezed lime and heat. A versatile wine, it would be perfect with a picnic – whether it’s inside or out. 

There’s another reason this wine is a firm favourite of mine: the sustainable focus of Château la Mascaronne. The winery is not only certified organic, but it has a commitment to encouraging biodiversity in the vineyard. Increased biodiversity means stronger, more diverse ecosystems, which in turns leads to a more varied nutrient profile in the soil. Soil is often the unglamorous hero that we overlook. A healthy soil is where mycorrhizal fungi thrive; they work alongside the vines, delivering nutrients and helping them prosper. Ancient olive trees also grow beside the picturesque vineyards, from which a delicious olive oil is produced – something I would be very keen to try.  

As we head into cooler evenings, do not despair. Grab a friend and open a bottle of this uplifting, delicious wine. May it transport you straight to an olive grove in beautiful, sun-soaked Provence. Or may you be perfectly content in the garden with a warm jumper and a large umbrella. 

Here at Berry Bros. & Rudd, we have expanded on the Provence Rosé’s sustainable credentials by removing the capsule from the bottles. This also draws our eye to the sustainable facts written on the cork through the neck of the bottle. Each cork removes 288 grams of carbon dioxide from the air – so you can uncork with a clear conscience. 

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