On the pour: 2020 Côtes du Rhône


A photo of a bottle of Côtes du Rhône red wine from Domaine Dieu-le-Fit, next to an empty wine glass and against our Enomatic machine in our London Shop.

Each month in our London Shop, we showcase a new line-up of wines to taste from our Enomatic machines. For August, Peter Windred from the shop has singled out this delicious Côtes du Rhône as one of his favourites. Here, he tells us the story behind the wine.

2020 Côtes du Rhône, Visan, Garrigues, Domaine Dieu-le-Fit, Pouizin

What is it? 

This month, we’re showcasing a fabulous Côtes du Rhône red wine from Domaine Dieu-le-Fit. The domaine was established by 5th generation vigneron Rémi Pouizin from a village called Visan, not far from Vinsobres (northeast of Orange) in the south of France.    

Sustainable quality 

Working organically is part of Rémi’s family philosophy; his grandparents started growing fruit and vegetables organically in the 1960s. Rémi, who makes our own-label Côtes du Rhône, established his winery in 2014. In 2016, the winery was certified biodynamic. Like our Côtes du Rhône, this is from the 2020 vintage. This cool vintage is exceptionally well suited to Rémi’s juicy, fresh and fruit-forward style. The wines from this year have a luminescent quality to the colour, given the lower juice-to-skin ratio of the restrained growing season. Both this wine and our own Côtes du Rhône are delicious. 

Straight from the Mediterranean 

This wine is labelled garrigues. Garrigue refers to low-growing vegetation and herbs that grow in many parts of the southern Mediterranean coast, including the plateau surrounding the area around Rémi’s vineyards. Garrigue may be juniper, thyme or lavender vegetation, which imparts a herbal character to the local wines. A whiff and a taste of this wine will reveal garrigue floral and lavender notes integrated with a core of red and black fruits.  

What should I drink it with? 

This wine is an essential partner at your next barbecue. It’s delicious to drink with all varieties of red meats, especially lamb.    

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