The unstoppable rise of Champagne: insights from BBX


You might have thought that a global pandemic would quell our thirst for Champagne – but not so. In fact, our appetite for Champagne has only increased. No longer confined to moments of celebration or special occasions, it continues to grow in popularity. Consumer habits have changed: Champagne is now a wine to drink year-round. Increasingly, it’s also a must-have for the savvy collector; like other fine wine, it can age effortlessly for decades, developing tremendous complexity in bottle.   

For anyone looking to sell, now is an opportune time: Champagne’s share of all BBX sales over the past six months has increased by 2.6%, representing 7.9% of all sales for September.  Champagne sits closely behind Italy, and continues to chase down the front runners Bordeaux and Burgundy, which represent just under 50% and 25% of BBX sales for September. 

Taking almost 40% of total Champagne sales, the clear leader is Moët & Chandon’s Dom Pérignon, followed by Louis Roederer’s Cristal at 13% and Krug at 12%. Perhaps this is to be expected, given the large volumes of Dom Perignon that are produced. However, as Champagne is consumed, demand begins to outstrip supply and we see an exponential increase in value. 

Take a six-bottle case of 1996 Dom Pérignon, which reached a value of £2,000 when it was sold in September. In the same month, the 2002 vintage traded at around £1,020 and the 2008’s last trade was at £820. But prices continue to rise: October’s prices are at £1,150 for the 2002 and £999 for the 2008 – at the time of writing, you can pick the 2008 up at £1,000 on BBX.

The five best performing Champagne vintages on BBX in September, by purchase value, were: 2008 (24%), 2002 (20%), 2006 (16%), 2004 (7%) and 1996 (3%). Interest in 2008 shows little sign of abating with the bid to market ratio ever-tightening. In the UK, the 2009 and 2012 vintages are making strong headway in the secondary market. Sales on BBX reflect this for the 2009 vintage, but the 2012 is still being shipped – watch this space.

With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to set your sights on Champagne.

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