Catch the Pigeon



Dispelling the myth that exemplary rums are only distilled in the Caribbean, our fine single-estate variety The Pink Pigeon has flown all the way from the Republic of Mauritius. Here, Master Blender Alain Chatel explains the unique allure of this award-winning spirit.

The Pink Pigeon takes its name from one of the rarest birds in the world. Much like our rum, it is indigenous to Mauritius and, as part of the conservation effort to safeguard this endangered species, we are proud patrons of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

Vanilla is the real identity of this rum. We wanted the rum to represent the Mascarene Islands, and vanilla is a strong part of our island heritage

The specific local terroir, combined with my family’s long history of rum-making in the area, mean that Mauritius is a reference for quality rums. As a rule of thumb, rums from Réunion are richer and more flavourful while those from Mauritius are generally lighter and more elegant.

With the rich volcanic soils of Mauritius as its basis, the Medine Distillery grows its own top-quality sugar canes at its estate. Growing its own canes and then distilling the rum at the same location means the base spirit for Pink Pigeon can proudly refer to itself as ‘single estate’.

By deliberately not ageing the base of the rum we can ensure a smooth, light and elegant taste. This serves as the canvas for the infusions of the three natural botanicals which give Pink Pigeon its distinct flavour profile: Bourbon vanilla, orchid petals and orange peel. We took more than a year to find the right balance between all these ingredients.

Bourbon vanilla is universally considered to be among the finest in the world. It is handpicked in the rainforests of Réunion and Madagascar, and the vanilla is sun-dried and matured in wooden cases before being infused with the rum, which helps create the characteristic natural golden colour. The delicate orchid petals release floral honey notes and hints of white flower and gentian, while the dried orange peel from Réunion lends Pink Pigeon an extra zingy lift and a fresh, lively edge.

We chose the Medine Distillery because it has a long tradition in rum-making stretching back to 1926. Their rum was also the best style for our vanilla, affording it a richness and balance, and enhancing all the complexity of its natural botanicals.

There’s a growing interest in spiced rums among the spirits trade and consumers alike, and the appeal of our particular rum is aided by the fact that it comes from a small distillery in Mauritius, has an authentic story and offers a unique flavour profile.

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