Buyers and Cellars


It’s been almost a year since Berrys’ Broking Exchange (BBX) was launched and it’s been a huge success, bringing a new dimension to buying and selling wine. We caught up with a couple of BBX users to find out their experiences of using the service.

Martin For sellers, BBX is a platform they can use to sell wine from their private reserves. Berrys’ customer, Martin Vestergaard (left), was one of the first people to sell his wine on BBX. “I buy for my own consumption but I buy it with investment glasses on,” he says. “I think BBX is one of the best things that’s happened in a long time in this market, because it gives transparency and it’s a global platform. It makes it easy to sell your wine”. And he’s been pleasantly surprised by the prices that some of his wine has achieved, a fact he puts down to Berrys’ reputation.

JacobWhile Martin has focused on using BBX to sell wine, fellow customer Jacob Strauss (right) has been buying. Jacob, who works in banking, looks on BBX about once a week to see if anything catches his eye. “For me it’s about finding good deals. All of a sudden BBX has given me a window to find wines I’m really keen to acquire or need more of”.

Whether you’re looking out for a special bottle or want to make some room in your cellar in time for Bordeaux 2010 en primeur, BBX offers an exciting way to buy and sell wine. “It’s added interest. It’s fun,” says Jacob. And as Martin puts it, “It’s a much more vibrant market. BBX actually makes wine more liquid.”

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