Month: March, 2011

Aroma Therapy

Spring has sprung and, even when the sun hides behind one of England’s famous cloudy patches, you can still smell the changing of the seasons on the air. The warmer wind, the fresh grass and even the soft fragrance of daffodils on the wind all signal the arrival of the new season – bringing back […]

2010, a good start to a new decade?

I have tasted only a few wines from 2010 so far and all have been in their infancy. It is therefore a bit too early to pass judgement, but the 2010 Bordeaux vintage is looking promising. 2009 was a great final chapter to what has been the most successful decade Bordeaux has ever seen, but […]

Room to Read in Zambia

We have been proudly working with Room to Read for a little while now and recently we received some very good news – a new library has been built at a school in Zambia, dedicated to Berry Bros. & Rudd as thanks for various activities and contributions over the last year. The new library has been […]

Nebbiolo – a Chinese approach

If there’s one constant in this life it is that every time I fly out from Hong Kong, I fly out an utterly broken man. I must have looked a pathetic sight as I shuffled along through passport control, bleary eyed and doing my best to keep it together after a week of impressively late […]