Aroma Therapy


Spring has sprung and, even when the sun hides behind one of England’s famous cloudy patches, you can still smell the changing of the seasons on the air. The warmer wind, the fresh grass and even the soft fragrance of daffodils on the wind all signal the arrival of the new season – bringing back memories of sunny days that follow the dark winter months.

It’s this evocative power of our sense of smell that plays a key part in our appreciation of wine, so we asked some of our buyers to tell us the aromas that they associate with spring, and then pick out the wines that conjure up those cherished memories of the season.

Here are a couple of their selections, but you can view all 10 choices on

Simon Staples (Berrys’ Fine Wine Director)
2009 Sancerre, Caillittes, Domaine François Cotat, Loire
“Nothing signals the arrival of spring like the smell of freshly mown grass, and so the fresh, grassy aromas of Sauvignon Blanc always shouts ‘spring’ to me. Cotat makes the finest Sauvignon Blanc on the planet: pure, sleek, classy stuff. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never think of Sauvignon Blanc as simple again.”

Simon Field MW (Berrys’ Wine Buyer)
2008 Crozes-Hermitage, Cuveé des Galets, Domaine des Haut Châssis, Rhône
“Whenever I detect the black cherry notes of this Crozes-Hermitage, mingled with notes of tapenade and black olives, I am transported back to a bright March morning, many moons ago, on my first ever trip to the Rhône. These rather flamboyant aromas always evoke that day in mind.”

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