Snag yourself a great BBQ wine


bbqbeefThis beautiful weather has seen endless garden gatherings over the last few weeks.  But, we’ve noticed today’s barbecue parties are more sophisticated than ever before. Burnt-yet-raw chicken drumsticks have been replaced by dishes like char-grilled sea bass and Halloumi cheese kebabs. And of course, such delicious fare deserves the right wine to accompany and complement it.

Understanding Barbecue Cooking

Barbecuing is a fast-cooking method that seals in food’s natural juices and flavours.  The high temperatures quickly sear the outside of the food and carmelise its sugars and fats, which further intensifies the natural flavours and also adds sweetness to the finished dishes. Sweetness is often accentuated by the use of marinades and sauces, such as barbecue or sweet and sour sauce.  Sometimes there’s a chilli and spice element to be considered too, as well as the smokiness that’s imparted from the charcoal, so you need to serve wines that will balance any spiciness in the dish as well as complement the intensified natural flavours of the food.

Matching Wines to Barbecue Food

Grapes grown in hot climates ripen easily and the wines made from them are full-flavoured and taste sweeter/riper. Often there is more residual sugar in a hot climate wine than a cool climate wine, hence they seemingly taste ‘sweeter’. These characteristics match those found in barbecued food. The ripeness or sweetness in some wines also will balance the flavour of any smoke and any heat and spice. So hot climate wines like those from California, the Med, Australia and Chile are often the best choice.

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