2008 Burgundy Offer



Phew! I have been flat out working on our 2008 Burgundy Offer which opens on January 5th, so have had no time to blog, tweet, twitter or scratch my nose for the past few weeks. All is done now so normal life can resume. The 2008s were not easy to taste earlier in the year because the malolactic fermentations were late, and you can’t make sense of a wine until that is done and dusted and the wines have had a chance to settle down again afterwards – which by late November they had.

We have been having the usual hard nosed discussions with the growers on pricing, hoping for help given Sterling’s continued presence in the relegation zone. One type of discussion goes “we want a much bigger allocation AND please bring your prices down or we won’t be able to sell it.”

Otherwise the question which looms on the horizon is – which wine(s) to have with the Christmas goose?

Read the full 2008 Burgundy vintage report here