Harvest at Domaine de Chevalier


sauvignon blancAt Domaine de Chevalier yesterday we watched the white juice going into barrel for alcoholic fermentation and witnessed the backbreaking work of moving all the barrels into position in the cellar.  There was a man – or rather a small mountain in human form – shifting these full barrels around, this bloke was colossal!

There was a huge treat too – tasting some Sauvignon juice that was crushed the day before – it was Dom de Chevalier blanc ‘09 in it’s purest form – fermentation won’t begin for another three days. Fantastic – superbly ripe but also fresh and with great acidity….it’s already so long on the palate – they are very excited about it.  Conditions have been fantastic this year and he (Remy) is so far comparing conditions to ‘ 05 and ‘89…..that’s not a guarantee of what will happen but “we imagine it will not be bad!”