Bordeaux 2008 – who’d have thought it?


BarrelsAnd so the En Primeur Season draws to a close and what a strange and bizarre campaign it all was. Who would have thought Latour would open proceedings?
Who’d have thought we’d sell the luckiest number in China’s worth of Ch. d’Angludet….888 cases! Still a damned fine case at £150 if you haven’t bought yours yet!
Who’d have thought the Chateaux would keep a lid on prices (well, until that lid was whipped off and the rabid badgers were unleashed onto the World with the release of Mr Parker’s scores that is).
Even I got swept up in it and ended up buying 21 cases when I promised myself, and far more importantly, Mrs Staples, that I was only going to buy seven! Uh oh.
So I’m delighted it’s nearing its end and encouraged with what I’m hearing from our chums down there that, at the moment, things are shaping up rather nicely for 2009. I’m driving down through Bordeaux, en route to Spain, on Friday and will report back with any findings.

Hope you’re having a lovely Summer!