Welcome to Berrys’ Fine Wine Blog


Ever since we first designed a website for BB&R in 1994, we saw it as an extension of our business. We might have been breaking into unfamiliar territory in those days, but we always wanted to remain true to the ‘culture’ of Berry Bros, built layer by layer over the course of 300 years.

I like to think that we succeeded, and even if technology continues to surprise us (and who would have envisioned videocasts even three years ago, let alone thirteen) we believe that it’s the medium that changes, never the message.

However one aspect of life at BB&R has not yet translated to the internet: the discussions that are an everyday part of our business lives. Wine is a subject that demands different opinions.

Whether it’s over a tasting, at a private lunch with producers, in one of our shops or a public dinner down in our cellars, there is always some debate going on. The relative merits of corks, or glasses, or new grape varieties, or fermentation techniques. Has one vintage developed according to expectation, or has another taken us by surprise? Do we agree with an opinion on the relative wine making skills of a father compared to a son, or that a particular wine is under-valued? How was wine appreciated in the past, and how will things change in the future? And with representatives in cities as far apart as Dublin and Shanghai, these conversations continue all around the clock!

Finally, this crucial strand of our existence reaches the internet! With the introduction of Berrys’ Fine Wine Blog, you will be able to read the opinions and the experiences of the people who make up our company, and to question them, agree with them, disagree with them or even put them right!