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Five things you need to know about sustainable wine

Sustainable farming isn’t necessarily new, but recently sustainability has become the hot topic in wine – whether it’s natural, organic or biodynamic. We talked to three of California’s most exciting producers to try and discern what all the fuss is about

From the ground up: why sustainable farming matters

We casually throw around terms such as “organic”, “biodynamic” and “sustainable” when it comes to wine – but what do they actually mean, and do they make better wine?

How to make wine: sparkling

In the final part of our series exploring how wine is made, Barbara Drew explains the different methods that produce sparkling wine, including Prosecco, Cava or Champagne What makes a wine go fizz, or a cork go pop? Tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide dissolved in the liquid. The question of how the carbon dioxide gets […]

Bordeaux’s climate: the impact of variability

Wine, in all its guises, encompasses many more factors than what happens in the cellar. As former Buyer Oli Barton discusses here, Bordeaux’s climate can have a substantial impact on a year’s work across the whole region Bordeaux’s weather can be highly variable. For the Bordelais, this is a serious matter; it directly affects their […]