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Christmas with a New World slant

Selecting the perfect wine to drink alongside your Christmas feast can seem a daunting prospect. Here, Catriona Felstead MW advocates looking to the New World for effortless choices that will work well whatever’s on the menu. Christmas: if you are anything like me, you haven’t even thought about it yet. That enormous tick-list of presents […]

A Guide to Bordeaux’s Left Bank

The terms Left Bank and Right Bank refer the two parts of the Bordeaux wine region that lie on either side of the River Garonne and the huge Gironde estuary, into which the Rivers Garonne and Dordogne flow. These waters exert a significant influence on both the climate and the soil structures of each sub-region […]

Planes, trains and automobiles – part 1

It’s been a few weeks since my arrival back in HK and yet my thoughts are still very much in Europe in what was a defining trip for the HK Sales Team, to Piedmont and Burgundy. Granted my ever-expanding belly is the proof of this trip, however, I think the ever-expanding enthusiasm of our sales […]

In search of Campania’s Aglianico, the Godfather of Italian red grapes…

Sweeping aside the rubbish that chokes Napoli’s streets, and Silvio’s garbage currently clogging up the nation’s arteries and airwaves, denigrating its fine people, I have just spent a paradoxically upbeat couple of days among the Campanian hills seeking out Aglianico as expressed though the Taurasi DOCG, along with white siblings Fiano di Avellino and Greco […]