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A ‘Premier Cru’ Santorini

Last week I went out for dinner with some ‘wine friends’. We always go to a lovely restaurant where the owner lets us bring our own wine – and the pressure is on to bring a really interesting/unusual/just-rather-fine-please bottle of wine to taste blind and share with tapas. With all the recent TV coverage of […]

Notes from the Loire…

I’ve just got back from a week on the road (by boat next time surely?) spent reviewing the calibre of the 2008 vintage, one skewed by April frost in the west & June hail in the east. It also proved a fine time to tap into what’s going on round the edges, especially against a backdrop […]

I Love Piedmont in the Autumn

The descent into Autumn has never been my favourite time of the year, there is however a region in north-western Italy that seems to have been created just to celebrate this season. Piedmont nestles in a horseshoe shape of Alps. This protective boundary keeps the worst of the weather at bay and provides a warm […]

The Dream Cellar

If we ever came up with a family statement to describe how we view wine at Berry Bros. I doubt it would be more poignant than Michel Chasseuil ‘s recent quote in The Times that “life’s not worth living without pleasure, and pleasure is a glass of wine with each meal” Mr Chasseuil is the […]