Right Bankers


outside-ch-ausone.jpgOur trip across the Gironde to the Right Bank yesterday was extremely informative. We arrived in the beautiful town of St Emilion with the sun still beating down. Our first challenge was to drive up the hill on narrow single track road to Ch. Ausone (left).

Ausone really has the most majestic position in St Emilion with a picture perfect view of the town and its vineyards. Yesterday the wines wonderfully reflected this grandiose position. All the wines from the Ausone stable were very good. Ch. Fonbel had depth and class, Moulin St Georges was incredibly smooth, silky and pure, La Chapelle was beautifully concentrated but the Grand Vin stole the show with almost concertina-like fruit, coiled and ready and waiting to spring out in the future. Smooth and incredibly sophisticated, this reminded us of a 100m runner raring to go – but not for at least 15 more years. This is one for the long haul.

The day continued in an excellent vein. La Conseillante was ethereal and almost Burgundian in texture with silky, focused purity and beautiful freshness. Fantastic.

Vieux Chateau Certan was also very good: the epitome of purity.¬† Alexander Thienpont didn’t think it was the best wine he had ever made but we thought otherwise. Full of energy it had brilliant balance, drive and direction. Talking of energy, Jacques Thienpont at Le Pin was in an ebullient mood (see the video below!). He was on great form, as was his wine with its pure, fresh crunchy fruit and great acidity.

Our spirits are certainly high. The Right Bank so far has provided some excellent wine. As with the Left Bank it seems that  rigorous selection in the vineyards has been key. The good weather at the end of the season fortuitously fell when the Right Bank were picking Merlot and then later when the Left Bank were picking Cabernet.

This morning is Margaux morning and we have just arrived at the illustrious Ch. Margaux. It is foggy today – the sun has gone for now but we will wait to see if these wines will shine through like others so far. Allez-y.

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