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Poppy Day in Burgundy

  The 11th November is equally significant in France – in fact, they have a day’s holiday to mark the anniversary of Armistice Day and remember the fallen of two World Wars and other conflicts. The holiday meant we had a slightly less frenetic wine tasting schedule and 09.00 saw us start the day’s tasting […]

News from Burgundy

Last week a group from the BBR Fine Wine Team visited Burgundy to taste the 2007s, which we will be offering next January. Some may say hard work, others a treat: in truth it’s both. 364 wines in five days is a test, but the pleasure one gets and the insight one gains into the […]

Champagne; Sent (up) in Dispatches

For Channel Four to devote a whole hour to the Wine Trade, at peak time, is a rare enough event – good news one might think. But wait, do I not recognise the Dispatches correspondent? Is it not The Sun’s fragrant trouble-maker at large, Jane Moore? A putative ignorance of wine is of course essential, […]

2007 Bordeaux

We are nearing the end of the 2007 Bordeaux en-primeur campaign, with the last few wines expected to be released in the coming days. This time of year is usually a busy and hectic one in the Fine Wine office, though this year it has been a little quiet. Our favourites have sold relatively well, […]