Finishing in Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky distillery Tomatin produces a beautiful and delicate single malt whisky, which is incredibly approachable. For one week a year, they also produce a whisky made with very lightly peated barley, called Cù Bòcan. It is this spirit that forms the base of Creations, a series of releases showcasing different aspects of their whisky by […]

Going solo: single cask whiskies

The Scotch whisky industry has been built on a bedrock of blends. Yet single cask bottlings are becoming more prevalent. Barbara Drew MW explains what single casks are, and why they’re so special.   Whisky, it’s said, is about the art of the blend. Around 90% of all Scotch whisky is blended whisky and there is […]

Non-vintage Champagne: a new style?

Almost every wine, regardless of region or brand name, has a year on the label – the vintage. This is the year the grapes were grown, and those four numbers contain a multitude of information: whether the spring was cold, with frost, leading to a small harvest; whether the summer had heat spikes, resulting in […]

Glass: an industry that’s starting to flex?

Our inaugural Sustainability Forum in June considered the prospects of a carbon-free glass industry. Barbara Drew MW examines the arguments and debates how much still needs to be done.   After a lively panel discussion spanning Bordeaux to the Barossa valley, digging into sustainable ways of working in the vineyard, you’d be forgiven for thinking a […]