No.3 magazine: Spring/Summer 2024


We’re delighted to reveal the latest issue of our No.3 magazine, which explores the theme of “journeys”. In this edition, we embark on a variety of journeys, from charting the voyage of the Malbec grape across the globe, to the unknown adventure of artificial intelligence. 

What does the idea of a journey mean to you? Perhaps it conjures images of mud-caked hiking boots, rucksack packed with a Thermos and sandwiches. Or the first day embarking on a challenging new qualification, armed with a fresh notebook and sharpened pencils. Perhaps it’s the thrill of new technology, buoyed by the optimism that it will ultimately transform our lives for the better. Or it could simply be jumping on the train with a bottle of wine and a copy of No.3 magazine, on your way to a friend’s house for dinner.  

Our Spring/Summer 2024 issue is dedicated to the idea of the journey in its many guises. We follow the course of the Loire River, meeting the winemakers along this route. We venture into the snowcapped peaks of Mendoza, discovering how Malbec has taken root here, so far from its original home. And we wander through the vineyards of Hampshire and Kent, uncovering a story of growth among the vines. Back in London, we peer inside our new Spirits Shop at No.1 St James’s Street, uncovering the creative collaboration process that has brought it to life.  

But there are journeys of ideas to navigate too. The transformational rise of artificial intelligence; the evolution of wine language; the ever-changing nature of storytelling in the digital age. These are the complex journeys lurking beneath the surface of our everyday lives, rapidly changing the way we interact with wine. Finally, we conclude with a journey of the self: the steep ascent to achieving the prestigious Master of Wine accreditation. 

No.3 magazine was first published in autumn 1954. Today, almost 70 years on, we face new challenges – not least of them the rise of generative AI. Yet our publication remains a celebration of the human stories in the world of fine wines and spirits. And we are still driven by the same purpose: to entertain, inspire and delight, old and new readers alike. 

Delve into our digital magazine here or pick up a printed copy in our Basingstoke Shop, or our Wine Shop at 67 Pall Mall