Bottles to gift and share for Lunar New Year


The turning of the lunar year is one of the most important celebrations in the Asian calendar, calling for special gifts that embody good fortune and luck. With the Year of the Dragon upon us, Jacky Cheng from our Hong Kong office suggests five bottles that are guaranteed to delight your loved ones.  

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, is celebrated not only in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong but also in many other countries across East and Southeast Asia. It is the most important holiday in the majority of Asian cultures. The new year symbolises luck and fortune, so houses are cleaned to rid them of bad luck and memories, and new clothes are bought to mark a fresh start. 

Plenty of gifts are given and received when families and friends visit each other and have meals together. Gift-giving during the new year is an act of love and respect. Every gift speaks to a wish for your loved ones to have a year full of good fortune – an abundance of wealth and happiness. We like to pack our gifts with “lucky” colours such as red, gold, and yellow, which symbolise wealth and prosperity.  

We are entering the Year of Dragon. Traditionally, the Dragon is an auspicious symbol of strength and power. It is associated with good fortune, wisdom, success and protection. The last three Dragon vintages are 2012, 2000 and 1988, so gifting wines with these years could be a particularly thoughtful touch.  

Below, I’ve selected five bottles that would make a perfect gift for a loved one this Lunar New Year.  

2012 Champagne Louis Roederer, Cristal 

This opulent, lavish Champagne comes from one of the Dragon years, and happens to be one of the best vintages in Champagne of late. It has beautiful notes of honey, orchard fruit, ripe peach and white flowers, with tropical touches. Presented in a striking gold bottle, it’s sure to make an impression.  

2008 Rare Champagne, Rosé 

This is an exquisite cuvée with a great concentration of flavour, offering notes of strawberry fruit, orange blossom, spice and crushed rocks. Rosé Champagne is a style that pairs especially well with a range of Chinese dishes, which makes it a fantastic choice to share around the table. The gleaming rose-pink label makes it an irresistible gift.  

2000 Château Mouton-Rothschild  

One of the world’s most famous wines, this is guaranteed to impress the serious fine wine lover in your life. It comes from another great Dragon year, and the bottle itself is a work of art. It features the “Augsburg Ram”, an etching dating back to 1590 and attributed to German goldsmith Jacob Schenauer, silkscreened in fine gold. The wine is equally special, with notes of rich dark fruits, beguiling spice and incredible complexity.  

1988 Château d’Yquem 

This is another iconic Bordeaux wine from a great Dragon vintage. This exquisite golden wine has notes of apricot, mandarin, honey and citrus, with a remarkable richness and weight. The Chinese name for Yquem roughly translates to “drop of gold” or “good wealth”, making it a dream choice for new year gifting.  

Berry Bros. & Rudd Dailuaine, Year of Dragon Single Malt Scotch Whisky 

Finally, we can’t go without mentioning our special Year of the Dragon Scotch whisky bottling. This delicious spirit comes from Dailuaine distillery in the Speyside region of Scotland, and it’s been matured in ex-Oloroso Sherry butts, giving it a gloriously deep, concentrated colour and flavour profile. It offers notes of prunes, dates and spiced oak, with touches of ripe orchard fruit. A glass of this will make a fine toast to the new lunar year. Gan bei!