Month: August, 2023

Non-vintage Champagne: a new style?

Almost every wine, regardless of region or brand name, has a year on the label – the vintage. This is the year the grapes were grown, and those four numbers contain a multitude of information: whether the spring was cold, with frost, leading to a small harvest; whether the summer had heat spikes, resulting in […]

Alsatian delights: Hugel et Fils

We recently had the great fortune of sampling a line-up of exquisite wines of this Alsatian icon. Here, we paint a brief picture of what you can expect from Hugel et Fils’s stunning “noble” wines.   Hugel is one of the oldest wine estates in the Alsace region of Eastern France. The winery was founded in […]

Alternative white wines

Some white wines can truly be counted as household names. Stalwarts of many a wine rack, these have reached all corners of the globe, and are tried-and-tested favourites.  Yet venture outside the familiar confines of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, and there are real treasures to be found. Here, we’ve brought together some of […]

Domaine du Gringet: a jewel from Savoie

Today sees the launch of a range of wines from both a producer and grape variety which are new to our portfolio. Catriona Felstead MW introduces Domaine du Gringet – until now, a well-kept secret of the Savoie. On a Friday in January this year, I found myself standing, ankle-deep in snow, in one of […]