The King’s Ginger: sustaining a liquid legacy


With the Coronation of King Charles III fast approaching, our thoughts are turning to what the future may hold, both for us and for the planet. Here, we explore the sustainable actions we’re taking to transform The King’s Ginger from a liqueur rooted in legacy, to one suited to the future  

The King’s Ginger has been linked to the Royal Family since its creation. After all, it was first invented by Henry Berry at the request of the Royal Physician, as a “tonic to stave off the cold” for King Edward VII.  

For its first century of existence, The King’s Ginger was bottled exclusively for the Royal Family and landed gentry. Many a bottle was brought as a welcome accompaniment to hunting parties, fishing parties and other outdoor pursuits. Its warming, revitalising ginger character proved an effective foil against winter chills.  

In 2011, a new version of The King’s Ginger was made widely available on our shelves for the first time. Now, it’s become a much-loved favourite outside for many. Yet it’s thanks to our ever-increasing efforts toward sustainability that we hope to see an even longer future for The King’s Ginger. Perhaps even one that will last for the next century and beyond.

The changing face of The King’s Ginger

It’s now been 120 years since The King’s Ginger was created. This early version was known simply as “Ginger Brandy – Special Liqueur”; its slightly more regal-sounding name wasn’t bestowed until much later, in 1935.  

Since then, The King’s Ginger has seen a number of additional iterations, from new bottles to reformulated recipes. Just last year, we launched its most sustainable packaging to date: a pioneering, zero-waste paper, upcycled from disposable coffee cups that were once destined for landfill.   

This sustainable-minded outset is what’s transforming The King’s Ginger from a brand rooted in legacy, to a brand suited for the future. While “Ginger Brandy – Special Liqueur” was a fit libation for Edward VII – a King who epitomised his era’s elite and fashionable pleasures – The King’s Ginger in 2023 is proving a far more environmentally-friendly offering. Something, we think, that’s a little more in line with the ideals of our new King. 

Building for the future: The Prince’s Countryside Fund

King Charles III is no stranger to how important sustainability is, when thinking for the future. A steadfast pro-environmental campaigner, he is now being dubbed the UK’s first “climate king”. His first speech on the challenges facing the planet was made all the way back in 1968, seven years before the term “global warming” was even coined. 

The Prince’s Countryside Fund was established by King Charles III in 2010. It exists to improve the prospect of family-run farms in the UK, providing grants and business skill support to rural communities. These are the people responsible for maintaining Britain’s iconic landscapes, and growing high-quality food on our own shores. In recent years, these communities have faced extreme hardships – yet their importance is becoming ever-more evident, in building a more sustainable future for the country. 

The King’s Ginger has been a supporter of the Fund since its inception. We donate 10% of all proceeds annually, in our contribution towards supporting future generations through British farming. In the words of our current King: “We must be thinking several generations ahead, really to have any chance to be sure that we leave a better world behind us.”  

Sustainability at every level

But it doesn’t stop there. Our King’s Ginger team are constantly working behind the scenes, making sure we’re exactly where we need to be in terms of creating a positive impact. Or – at least – how we’re going to get there. It’s something that’s key for us, both for protecting our planet, and ensuring the continuation of The King’s Ginger story – a story which we’re determined to see run for the next 120 years and beyond.  

The new bottle, launched in 2020 and designed to evoke Edward VII’s original saddle flask, was entirely produced with sustainability in mind. Produced from recycled material, from stopper to label, and entirely recyclable in itself, this marked a real step in our journey towards improving our environmental impact.  

Recently, we also repatriated all production of our packaging back to the United Kingdom, bringing The King’s Ginger – a true British liqueur at heart – back home.   

You can find out more about The King’s Ginger on our website. Alternatively, to raise a glass this weekend during your celebrations, you can taste The King’s Ginger in a delicious King’s Spritz cocktail in Grosvenor Square, at the Mayfair’s Coronation Garden Party.