No.3 magazine: Autumn/Winter 2022


We’re delighted to reveal the latest edition of our No.3 magazine, which explores the theme of “storytelling”. It’s landing on doorsteps this week, and it’s also available to pick up in our shops. Here’s a peek at what you can expect to see inside.

As golden leaves carpet the streets of our towns and cities, and the evenings gradually grow darker, there’s a sense of magic in the air. This is a season of fables, folklore and inherited wisdom – from the carving of a pumpkin to the promise of gifts at the year’s end.  

Autumn never fails to capture the imagination. Stories naturally come to the fore. During days of thick rain, tales are shared over warming plates of apples and custard – perhaps of friendship, or adventure, or of an extraordinary wine enjoyed in fine company.  

Why are stories important? They allow us to form memories, and pass them onto future generations. They tell us some truth about ourselves – and allow us to better understand others. But above all, they entertain and inspire.  

This is the sentiment at the heart of the latest issue of No.3 magazine. Our Autumn/Winter 2022 edition shines a light on tales from the world of fine wine and spirits. Expect origin stories from prestigious producers for whom a career in wine wasn’t always obvious; a peek inside the cellars of four of our collectors; and a harvest-time road trip through South America, populated with memorable characters encountered along the way.  

We delve into the childhood memories of two well-known food-writers, as they share their favourite autumnal recipes. We examine the legacy of J.M. Barrie – best known as the author of Peter Pan – reflecting on one of fiction’s brightest imaginations. And there’s plenty more besides that, too.

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