Wine for the weekend: a red Burgundy at its apogee



Fine Wine’s Chris Pollington, paid-up Italophile and Burgundy lover, has been waxing lyrical about a Burgundian red he’s recently enjoyed. So much so, that he has another bottle (or two) lined up for the weekend ahead.

Pinot Noir is undoubtedly one of my favourite grape varieties, offering up the perfect combination of balance, weight, complexity and finesse. Sadly, the vast majority of Pinot Noir I get to taste, although wonderful quality, tends to be shamefully young and more often than not, straight from the barrel in the caves of Burgundy producers, on our annual pilgrimage to taste the “new vintage” each November.

One of my great delights is therefore to find one of these splendid wines at its apogee – and better still at a price that even a wine merchant can afford! I have enjoyed a few 2009 and 2010 Bourgogne Rouge recently which have been lovely wines with great balance, but they do lack a little in depth and complexity.

Recently, I was lucky enough to find a six-bottle case from a forward and mature vintage, 2007, from a wonderful producer, Nicolas Potel (now of Maison Roche de Bellene/Domaine de Bellene) and from a very affordable and underrated (and under-priced) appellation, Savigny Lès Beaune. In this case his Vieilles Vignes. I opened the first bottle last Saturday and my first sip was so good, I went straight back on to and bought myself a second case of six! I’m very much looking forward to opening my second bottle this Saturday.