Month: March, 2012

Fashion, Fragrance, Food and Wine at Berrys

It was a celebration of structure, style, shape, shades, silhouette, scent, subtlety with a semblance of sweetness, spiciness and seasoning!  The Pickering Cellar was transformed from the home of Berrys’ Wine School, to an elegant catwalk last Saturday. Think whimsical, enthralling, stylish, inspiring and magical… To celebrate Mothers’ Day, we invited two great St James’s neighbours to […]

A visit from Churton Wines

Last week, we were privileged to be paid a visit from Churton, a small winery from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Here at Berrys we have a special relationship with the winery, as the owner Sam Weaver is an alumni from our very own Basingstoke cellars! We take great pride in considering ourselves to […]

Full Steam ahead: The Berrys and Rudds visit Anchor Brewers and Distillers in San Francisco

Celebrating Berry Bros. & Rudd’s significant investment in one of San Francisco’s most exciting businesses, three Berrys (Simon Berry, David Berry Green and Geordie d’Anyers Willis) and three Rudds (Edward, Richard and Lizzy) visited the historic brewery to meet the Anchor Brewers and Distillers (ABD) team, led by the dynamic ex-Skyy entrepreneurs Tony Foglio and […]

Austerity… Now where’ve I heard that recently?

“Austerity” in a whisky can be, in my opinion, a bit of a strange concept. It gets wheeled out by whisky writers and ‘experts’ now and again, and usually is seen as a positive descriptor. From my reading of other people’s tasting notes: if a whisky is structurally hard and crisp but this clashes with […]