Month: May, 2009

Biodynamics – Do We Believe?

More and more of our producers have been experimenting with biodynamic methods of viticulture in recent years. Some go the whole hog and have achieved biodynamic certification;  others are experimenting with certain aspects only.  A third group is fully committed but not certified. Of course another viewpoint is that these producers are certifiable and should […]

Water, water everywhere…

Week six of wine adventures in Piedmont From somewhere – who knows where? – Papa Silvio summoned up funds to help not just Abruzzo’s earthquake victims (word has it that Chinese and American themed villages are on the table), but also those among the Langhe hills, marginally less traumatized by recent rains. For the rain, coming on […]

La vita e una opera! (just look around you)

Week five of wine adventures in Piedmont It’s not everyday you find yourself in the back of a British-built, racing green Bentley, coursing through some of Italy’s most prestigious vineyards on a secret mission! But then again, how often are you called upon to assess one of Montalcino’s top addresses on behalf of a prospective buyer, […]

With great power comes great responsibility

I was utterly bewildered when I sat down to see Robert Parker’s scores the other night!  If you’ve been following our progress in Bordeaux then you will know that we were genuinely surprised by the ’08s – some of the wines we tasted were excellent and many surpassed our expectations.  But the blunt fact of […]