Palm Sunday in Burgundy



The locals like to say that “The Wind on Palm Sunday will be the Wind for the Year”, by which they mean that whatever the wind is when you come out of church in the late morning of Palm Sunday, is likely to be the defining wind across the summer and especially during the all important month of September.

It certainly worked in 1996 (north-east), 1997 (south) and 2003 (unheard of south-east). Those I remember – I must check the other vintages.

The Good News is that there was only a faint breeze on Palm Sunday 2009, and it came from the north-east, so perhaps we can expect sunny skies without undue heat. The vignerons, for the moment, are happy!

As you can see from the photo though, it has been a slow start to the year. No signs of bud break yet on the vines.