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Summer in Piedmont

In July I spent an illuminating week in Piedmont, with Berrys’ Italian buyer David Berry Green and a team of colleagues. The purpose of the visit was to increase our understanding of the Nebbiolo grape, arguably the king of Italian varietals (although we spent a good amount of time increasing our understanding of local Piemontese […]

A day in the life…

We caught up with Katie Cooper to ask her a few questions about what it’s like working in her role as Wine Club Manager here at Berrys. How did you get into wine? Like many students, I developed a healthy interest in wine (and gin….and vodka…!) at university and after graduating with a degree in […]

Food and Wine Matching Basics

Food and wine matching is something I’m passionate about and I think even the best wine knowledge is a bit limited if you don’t know which wine would best match your Monday night lamb casserole! As this is such a vast subject, and obviously quite subjective, I can only offer some guidelines; ultimately your personal […]