Christmas with Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper, our Wine Club Manager, plans some suitably indulgent repasts for a traditional Cooper family Christmas par excellence Having been married in Dorset earlier in the year, it seems fitting that my new husband and I spend Christmas there this year. I’ll enjoy spending some time with my side of the family while my […]

The Annual Wine Club Dinner Report

The annual Wine Club dinner is always a special occasion for me: I get to meet a number of you members who I otherwise speak to on the phone or by email. It’s a pleasure putting faces to names. This year was no exception, though we’d decided early on to change our usual venue of […]

Wine Club Walkaround Tasting

On a warm evening at the end of April, 100 Wine Club members and their guests descended to the Napoleon Cellar, two floors beneath our historic London shop, for the annual Wine Club Walkaround tasting. All the wines shown feature in the upcoming May delivery so it was a great way for members to get […]

What is ‘en primeur’?

We asked our Wine Club Manager Katie Cooper to explain exactly what ‘en primeur’ is, how the system came about and what it means for buying wine. What is the en primeur system? In a nutshell, en primeur (or wine futures) refers to the system by which Châteaux sell their wine from the barrel; that […]